Can I use BassBrites on my guitar, or other instrument?

Yes! BassBrites were designed with bass players in mind, but work just as well on any metal string instrument, including: acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, violin, upright bass, autoharp, hammer dulcimer, mandola, pedal steel, zither, etc.

Are they safe?

Yes. BassBrites are non-hazardous, non-flammable, and non-corrosive. We do recommend you keep them away from children, however.

Are they safe for the fretboard, or electronics?

Yes. While they will not harm your instrument, they are meant for the metal string surface. We do not recommend using them to clean the rest of your instrument besides metal strings.

My wipes seem dry, are they supposed to be wet?

BassBrites are not as “wet” as other kinds of wipes. The formula has a slightly oily feel to it, and leaves a micro thin coating on the strings that may be felt as a slight lubrication on the strings. This thin layer is enough to remove corrosion and prevent the string from further corrosion.

Do they work on flatwound strings?

Yes. While BassBrites are intended for roundwound players that like bright, new-string tone, they will revive and brighten up the sound of flatwound strings to bring them closer to how they sounded when new. This is recommended for players that prefer brighter/newer sounding flatwound strings. Players that prefer the sound of well broken-in flatwound strings may not like the effects of BassBrites on flats.

Do they work on coated strings?

BassBrites work by sealing and protecting metal from oxidation. Since coated strings create a barrier to the metal, BassBrites will not work to further enhance string life. We do not recommend using BassBrites with coated strings.

How are BassBrites better than boiling or soaking strings?

BassBrites use a specialized formula that goes far beyond typical cleaning. Soaking strings in alcohol, alcohol wipes, or boiling strings in water will only (partially) clean the dirt and oil from your strings, but will not help prevent the oxidation and corrosion that can be the real culprit of strings losing their new-string sound. BassBrites were specially formulated to both clean the dirt and oil and prevent oxidation and corrosion from the acid in your hands, for new-string tone that lasts much longer.

I wipe down my strings and wash my hands, isn't that enough?

While wiping strings with a cloth and washing your hands before playing are good habits to extend string life, BassBrites go much further by sealing and protecting the strings from oxidation.