Top 5 Gifts for Bass Players

So you have a bass player in your life, and you're not sure what to get him or her for the holidays? Well look no further. Here's a few of our favorite gifts to give (and receive!) for that special bass player on your list. 

1) Effect Pedals

Pedals are toys for adults. They're compact, colorful, boxes of pure fun. Every new pedal adds a whole new dimension to their playing, unleashes creativity, and can lead to hours of fun playing and tinkering. There are tons of options - from high-end boutique pedals to more budget-friendly options - so do a bit of homework to see what your favorite bassist has already, and might be looking to add to his or her arsenal. Some of our favorites: Sansamp Bass Driver DI, Sansamp VT Bass, and really anything from the MXR orElectro Harmonix bass effect lineups will be a welcome and fun addition. 

2) Clip-On Tuner

Staying in tune is an absolute must for every player. These clip-on tuners make it so easy to quickly glance over and check your tuning, there's no excuse for being out of tune anymore. Ever. There are a bunch that will do the job, but we like this great looking one from Korg. 

3) Decent Earplugs

A musician's most important instrument is his or her ears. Yet sadly, too many musicians don't do enough to protect them. Cheapo foam earplugs muffle the sound and rob music of its enjoyment. So spend a little more and get ones that they'll actually wear, and still enjoy the music with. We like these ones from Planet Waves

4) Bass Albums

When all else fails, giving the gift of music will always work. Tastes and styles vary, and there are so many albums with amazing bass work it's hard to make one list. But for starters, here's a great list that Will Lee (bassist for David Letterman) put together on his "Top 10" bass albums of all time. 

5) BassBrites Advanced String Cleaner

You knew that was coming, right? As far as bass gear goes, BassBrites are relatively inexpensive, small stocking stuffers that most any bass player will appreciate. After all, who doesn't want longer lasting strings and great tone? Learn more about BassBrites here.  

What's your favorite bass-related gift? Tell us in the comments!

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