Why We Created BassBrites

I tried it all. 

I boiled. I soaked. I wiped. 

Boiling in water helped for a bit, but my strings were brittle, and rusted. Soaking in alcohol was a pain. Other wipes didn't seem to do much at all. 

I'd end up just buying more and more strings. Again and again. They'd sound great for a while - a couple weeks if I was lucky - and then, poof. My clear, bright, cutting tone would slowly descend into mud. 

There had to be a better way.

After much research, and many rounds of trial and error, I realized the problem. None of the existing solutions got to the root of the problem. They might wipe away dirt and sweat, but they didn't prevent the oxidation that was killing the strings in the first place. 

That led me to Caig, the makers of the DeOxit formula used in BassBrites today. Using their proprietary formula we created this wipe that would not just clean, but also prevent oxidation from occurring, keeping strings sounding bright and new for weeks, and even months, on end.

It brought my strings back to that almost-new, perfectly broken-in sound I love. 

I loved it. And I thought others might too. 

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